by Yetunde Oyebolaji Abiodun
Lagos, Nigeria

Africa, is a developing continent. It has numerous countries considered to be “third world” due to their poor economic conditions. In my opinion, the poor economic conditions are a result of limited economic diversification, entrenched corruption and disjointed African union. A lack of unity between the African countries compounds on the existing challenges. A united Africa could potentially tackle and better resolve issues of security, health, education and infrastructure. Resulting in efficient sustainable development and international influence.

Currently, Africa is trying to play catch-up with the rest of the world. Given the arial size of Africa, its international influence is little to none. One would not be amiss to think that some countries in Africa were happy to develop at snails-pace until globalization could not be ignored. Globalization has left Africa with no choice but to incorporate into the world market so as not to be left behind.

In the past, different narratives have been given about Africa as a hub of hunger and poverty, terrorism and all sorts. Yes, growing up has been challenging especially in a country like Nigeria. Lack of electricity and access to potable water in the area I lived as a child for about seven years, affected me but also made me develop survival instinct.

I strongly believe that you cannot count Africa out, with all its challenges it has managed to have significant developments. It is a prospect rather than a menace, with a lot of room for improvement.

For me, provided that the individuals, corporations, governments and countries still work towards a better Africa, the future is promising. There will be better healthcare, more technological innovations, improved education systems and increased opportunities. Putting in place well-thought out systems to increase opportunities would eventually result in a reduction of poverty. Opportunities lead to empowerment, focus on the unemployment rate would lessen. All people would be able to improve their standard of living.