The focus of the present proposal for a definition project is put on the administrative and scientific adjustment of a cooperation that facilitates various PhD and MSc opportunities for mostly female candidates in a framework that is creative, interdisciplinary, multi-cultural and communication and network oriented.

The fundamental objective of the project in the first stage is the generation of a robust and societally relevant research framework. Therefore, two live workshops will be organised in an African and German venue. In addition, virtual meetings will be held regularly.

At first a workshop will be held in an African venue (originally scheduled: Lagos but the destination will depend on the pandemic situation). This serves to the purpose of making the peculiarities of a rapidly growing mega city tangible to all project participants. During the workshop, most relevant strategic aims for the main phase proposal will be adjusted and further process steps will be clearly defined. In addition, a multi-disciplinary scientific publication will be conceptualised and specific task will be allocated.

Following the live workshop at least one online public conference or seminar will be organised to observe the progress and take remedial actions in case of critical situations. After the virtual meeting, an online teaching module will be organised, which converts findings and knowledge of the first two workshops into teaching content, thus, to make the project progress accessible to a broad public and students of the participating institutes.

Eventually, a live workshop is planned in Berlin and Duesseldorf. This workshop mainly serves to the objective to finalise the proposal to set up a sound and robust future framework.

The workshops are intended to create a common ground among the interdisciplinary partners, to define the scientific framework, and to master the administrative challenges. In addition, added values are created through collaboration and involvement of supplementary partners. Besides the major objective to develop a sound and robust full proposal for the main project phase, the definition project already creates publishable results of scientific value.