Interview 1 with Donald Duck

Which are the greatest global challenges ahead, and which role will urbanisation play?

The world is facing a myriad of challenges. Salient among them are poverty, unemployment, climate change, gender and urban violence, lack or insufficient urban infrastructure among others. These challenges are being addressed within the frameworks of the sustainable development goals. The achievement of these goals can offer urban dwellers an adequate quality of life and opportunity to lead a healthy, safe and productive life.

Which challenges do you think are the most crucial ones with respect to African urban growth?

African cities have grown with little or no consideration for their management. The rapid growth of urban centres in Africa has enormous socio-economic and political implications. These include the following, namely, uncontrolled disposition of wastes, noise pollution, congestion, youth unemployment, housing deficit, land scarcity, banditry, poor living and environment among others. Many urban cities in Africa are filthy and susceptible to epidemics. It is not an understatement if urbanisation is considered to be at the root of socio-economic and political crises in many African countries. Many of these countries has a phenomenon of excessive urbanisation partly due to the complete neglect of the rural areas in development planning and infrastructural provision which engendered rapid rural-urban migration. And rapid growth of urban population has in turn exacerbated socioeconomic and political problems all over the continent.